RETEELA Handmade Jute/Cotton Stripe Flatweave Rug in Natural - 4 Sizes

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Material: Recycled Jute  yarn and Organic Cotton 

Size: 4 Sizes Available

Care: Spot clean using a damp cloth and brush for dust and pet hair. Use a mild detergent for stains.

Made in India

The Reteela rug features a natural shade of sandy beige. The warm tones are broken up with stylish natural oatmeal chunky triple stripes leaving a margin at each end and a fringed finish. Woven from sustainable cotton and jute yarn , this is a fabulous eco friendly choice.  Please note that due to the recycled material content there may be small amounts of other materials contained in the yarn blend. Its all part of the charm and unique nature of your rug.

HAND WOVEN - The flat weave style is hand woven on a traditional loom and no machinery is involved. The end result is a lightweight rug that is thin and with no pile. The finished piece is reversible meaning that it can be folded or rolled up when not in use. Each one is unique since no two patterns are identical.

ECO-FRIENDLY - We bring a real sustainable mix to the Reteela range. Our producer uses recycled cotton and jute yarn which help us to reduce waste. Please note that the recycled material content of the rug may result in small fragments and threads of other materials including synthetic threads. It's all part of the charm!

CARE OF YOUR RUG -. It can be shaken, or spot cleaned if necessary and our customers report that the rug can be gently washed, separately, in cool water. Please dry flat to avoid creasing. If placing on a hard floor you may need rug mesh or similar to hold the rug in place.