Industrial Jet Black Rubber Flooring

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Make a bold statement with our darkest, smooth rubber flooring in Jet Black.  Smart, simple and signature, the Jet Black rubber gym roll commands worthy attention.  Our rubber roll product has multiple uses in a domestic and commercial setting from sub floor protection from machinery, heavy footfall to shock absorption, sound insulation and anti vibration from gym equipment to domestic appliances.
*Please note this is not a stock item and lead time for delivery is approx 10 working days*


All rolls come with a 4 year guarantee against premature cracking and colour defects.  For basic guidelines on installation, Please see PDF.

Specifications (per roll)
Length: 10m
Width: 1.25m
Coverage: 12.5m2



4mm - Cardio Training, Spinning, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Exhibitions and sub-floor protection

6mm - Fitness Studios, Aerobics, Shooting Ranges

8mm - Functional training, Martial Arts

10mm - Ice Rinks, Mountain Cable car stations, Ski rentals, indoor golf


Can be loose laid or glued using adhesive to a level, dry subfloor.  The rubber can be easily cut to size using a utility knife.


Depending on traffic, the tiles can be kept clean by a standard vacuum cleaner and damp mop.  Cleaning machines can be used but should have the correct pads for rubber flooring to prevent abrasion.  A PH neutral cleaner with warm water should only be used and not solvent-based detergents.  Newly installed floors would benefit from a degreaser in the first few weeks.  For maintenance guidelines , please See Cleaning & Maintenance Guidelines