5 New Trends in Wood Flooring in 2022

5 New Trends in Wood Flooring in 2022

Every year trends come and go, but wood flooring remains relevant and in style. While popular colours and tones change, some styles will always be charming and timeless. When designing a house and choosing your interior, your flooring has a huge impact on the final look and feel of your home.  

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  • The Benefits of Wood Flooring 
  • 5 New Trends in Wood Flooring 


The Benefits of Wood Flooring 

When it comes to wood flooring, you have several options to choose from:

Whatever type of wood flooring you love, it has several benefits. Wood flooring can add value to your home and enhance the overall look of your home. Another advantage of wood flooring is that it’s usually easy to clean and maintain. As it’s highly resistant and durable, wood floors tend to need fewer repairs over the years. By investing in high-quality wood flooring, it should last for years. 


5 New Trends in Wood Flooring  

Of all the flooring materials available, wood flooring remains one of the most consistent types of flooring to add value. Due to advances in technology, there are several varieties of wood flooring that look fantastic. Let’s dive into the latest wood flooring trends in 2022 to elevate your home’s interior. 


1. Smokey Wood Flooring 

Smokey grey and distressed wood have a rich grain that looks great in rustic and modern style. Think grey and brown tones with beautiful grain to create another level of intrigue within a space. Oak smoked wood has a lot of character and can help to make a statement finish. 


2. Natural Tones and Colours 

There’s something about natural tones and colours that’s warm and inviting. Bringing everything back to basics and keeping things simple will undoubtedly be a popular theme throughout 2022 and beyond. The natural colour of wood looks so simple yet beautiful. With an increased focus on sustainability, natural-looking and sustainable flooring will merge as a popular option. 


3. Bleached Wood 

Bleaching wood floors is a chemical process to lighten the colour of wood flooring. Often, when you bleach floors, it reduces the appearance of grain in the floor. This makes the whole appearance much softer and smoother. If you don’t want to go through the process of bleaching, but like the look of it, you can find alternatives. Wood-effect RVP vinyl tiles are a great option and come in a huge range of colours, tones, and styles. 


4. Grey Parquet Flooring 

Parquet flooring has been around for centuries, but in the last few years, it has continued to skyrocket in popularity. What’s changing is that we’re moving away from traditional wood colours and heading towards grey everything. The combination of grey and beige is gaining interest, and more people are looking to grey for their flooring, even with parquet. 


5. Worn and Weathered Wood Flooring 

Worn flooring has been popular for a while, but it remains a key theme of the coming year. That could mean choosing reclaimed wood flooring or looking for a product with artificial ageing for that weathered look. This type of flooring looks ideal with a rustic interior. 

Advances in technology and manufacturing allow for an even wider variety of styles. While wood remains a classic option for the home, we’re seeing more people choose laminate and parquet flooring over traditional solid wood. With 2022 on the horizon, we can explore exciting new flooring trends and styles to enhance your decor.

September 19, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
How to Clean Laminate Flooring

How to Clean Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an increasingly popular alternative to hardwood flooring. Unlike solid wood flooring or engineered wood, you can’t sand down and treat laminate flooring. Keep your laminate flooring looking great through regular cleaning and maintenance. By sticking to a cleaning routine, you can prolong the life of your flooring for years to come.

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  • Why Install Laminate Flooring
  • 6 Tips for Cleaning Laminate Flooring 


Why Install Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is durable, affordable, and looks great. Today’s laminate manufacturing has come a long way. Nowadays, it’s a beautiful and strong option for both the home and commercial settings. Over the next few years, laminate flooring will continue to grow in popularity as a stylish, durable, and affordable wood flooring option. 

Whether you opt for solid wood, engineered wood, or laminate flooring, it’s clear that many people have a love for wood flooring. It creates a timeless, charming, and spacious feel in the home. Other benefits of laminate flooring include:

  • Comfortable to walk on 
  • Easier installation 
  • Highly durable 
  • Scratch and water-resistant
  • Realistic appearance 
  • Easy to clean surface 
  • Stain and fade resistant 
  • Variety of styles 
  • Economical 


6 Tips for Cleaning Laminate Flooring 

As laminate flooring is durable and resistant, generally, cleaning is a breeze. But it’s essential to clean laminate flooring in a certain way so that it stays looking its best for longer. Here are six tips for cleaning laminate flooring you can integrate into your cleaning routine.  


1.  Read the Maintenance and Cleaning Instructions 

Day-to-day, you can maintain and clean your laminate by dusting and vacuuming. To start, read the maintenance and cleaning instructions for your laminate flooring products. It will guide you on the type of products you can use with your flooring and what to avoid, so you don’t damage your flooring by accident. 


2. Create a Weekly Cleaning Routine 

Like any part of the house, creating a weekly cleaning routine will help to maintain your flooring. This can include regular vacuuming and using a dusting cloth where necessary. Avoid using steam cleaners or wet mops as this can damage the flooring. In some homes, you may need a more regular vacuuming schedule to keep your flooring clean.


3. Protect Your Flooring 

Use rugs and floor protectors to minimise the chances of dents and scratches. Although laminate flooring is highly resistant, heavy furniture may leave marks on your flooring. This is especially true if you’re moving heavy furniture. In general, the heavier the furniture, the wider the floor protector. 


4.  Clean Up Spillages 

If you have any spillages, clean them up as soon as they happen. You can use a damp cloth to blot any spills. Don’t let liquids pool on the floor for too long. Don’t wash your floor with a wet mop. Simply use a cloth to clean up spillages as they happen. A wet mop allows water to seep into the flooring, causing it to lose shape and warp. 


5.  Don’t Use Abrasive Tools 

Avoid using abrasive tools as items like scouring brushes can cause abrasion on the floor. No matter how stubborn the stain is, avoid abrasive cleaning tools. Instead, use a soft-bristled broom to move dirt and shift dust without damaging the flooring.  


6. Don’t Use Too Much Water 

Even laminate flooring that’s water-resistant, isn’t usually waterproof. Avoid using anything wetter than a damp cloth. Don’t use water with a mop or any other liquid cleaning product not within your product’s cleaning instructions. 

Laminate is a beautiful flooring option that’s durable and natural-looking. It can create space and build a warm, inviting area. By regularly running a vacuum over your flooring and mopping up any spillages as soon as they happen, you can clean your laminate correctly. Prevent damage by not using any wax or polish and avoiding abrasive cleaning tools.

September 17, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
Greige: The Wood Flooring Colour Trend to Try

Greige: The Wood Flooring Colour Trend to Try

If you’re looking for a flooring colour that’s warm and relaxing, have you thought about greige? When you’re not quite ready to delve straight into the world of grey or beige, greige is somewhere in the middle. Your flooring colour choice can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your interior. 

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  • What is Greige?
  • How to Style Greige Interior 
  • 5 Greige Wood Flooring Options to Try 


What is Greige?

There’s something about neutrals that’s very enticing. You can pair a neutral colour palette with the theme and style of your choice. Although it’s easy to think that choosing a neutral colour palette is easy, it can be much more complicated. The problem is that there are so many different shades and tones within the world of neutrals. While those who dare to beige love the final result, there’s another option to consider: greige. 

So, what exactly is greige?

Greige combines the best of both worlds by mixing grey and beige into one colour. It’s a truly versatile colour that adds warmth and ambience to a room. When you add grey to beige, it creates a richer colour, which means it can work in both cool and warm styles. The ratio of grey to beige determines the final colour. So, you can have different variations within the umbrella of greige. 


How to Style Greige Interior 

Because greige is a neutral colour, you can style it in several ways. Complimentary colours of greige include black, warm brown tones, and white. At the same time, you can pair it with colours that pop and contrast. Think greige and bold colours in a farmhouse style decor. You can use greige wood flooring in any environment, including dining areas, living rooms, and kitchens. 

A beautiful combination of colours in a home includes greige, black, and white. Although you can add pops of colour, for a simple and minimal look that creates lots of space, combining these three colours is a fantastic choice. 


5 Greige Wood Flooring Options to Try 

If you’re looking for the perfect middle ground between grey and beige, then greige is the colour for you. Here are five greige wood flooring options to try to elevate your home or commercial setting. 


1.  Jazz SPC Vinyl 

While wood flooring looks fantastic, sometimes you need vinyl flooring to handle the environment. This is especially true in settings where humidity changes and you’re more likely to experience spillages, such as bathrooms. Jazz SPC Vinyl flooring features a smoky grey with light oak undertones to fit the greige colour scheme.


2. Nootka Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Nootka luxury vinyl flooring features natural grey and whites that works well in most styles. If you love Scandi-inspired decor, this is the ideal choice. It’s suitable for a range of environments, including bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, and entrance halls. 


3. Toledo Laminate Flooring 

The Toledo Laminate Flooring is a light grey with hints of beige. It’s on the grey side of the spectrum and looks fantastic in a contemporary or modern setting. Laminate flooring is cost-effective, durable, and long-lasting. If an easy installation is important for you, then laminate is a must. 


4.  Darwin Engineered Wood 

To help you choose the right engineered wood floor colour, start by thinking about your room decor and style. If you’re looking for something on the beige side of greige, then Darwin Engineered Wood Flooring is a good option. The lacquered wood floor is bright, airy, and space-creating. With a neutral colour palette, you can pair this wood flooring with a number of different styles.


5.  Hakuson Wood Flooring 

Another greige wood flooring option is Hakuson engineered wood. Enjoy the benefits of oak flooring with the light pale grey wood flooring. This is ideal for a neutral or coastal style for a modern and contemporary finish. Pair it with stripped back furnishings and modern furniture. 

If you’re on the market for a new colour palette, greige is a fantastic neutral colour scheme that works well in several styles. Enhance your decor with a greige flooring and create a fresh and inviting atmosphere in your home, commercial, or hospitality property. 

September 15, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
5 Reasons Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring is So Popular

5 Reasons Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring is So Popular

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is growing increasingly popular. It’s now a popular alternative to hardwood and laminate flooring. Gone are the days of questionable vinyl that clearly wasn’t the real deal. Advances in technology and innovation in manufacturing mean that you now have vinyl flooring that mimics the natural look of wood and stone. 

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  • What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?
  • 5 Reasons Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Popular
  • 4 Luxury Vinyl Flooring Products to Try 

What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?


RVP is the next generation of luxury vinyl flooring. Rigid Vinyl Plank (RVP) features a highly stable SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) core and built-in underlay. Because of its construction, it offers several benefits that make it ideal for practically any environment.  

5 Reasons Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Popular

SPC flooring is an innovative vinyl tile that’s a hugely popular option for residential and commercial settings. Here are five reasons why luxury vinyl is popping up in so many locations. 



RVP vinyl flooring is water-resistant. So, you can install the vinyl tile in bathrooms, kitchens, or any room where you’re likely to experience spillages. Usually, you have to be careful about the type of flooring you install in areas prone to spillages and humidity changes. With RVP, it’s highly resistant. 



Our luxury vinyl flooring features a thick top layer that is super resistant to scratches and wear and tear. This makes it ideal for high traffic areas. It can handle whatever you throw at it. It’s a great option for homes with pets and young families where the flooring needs to cope with a lot. 

Innovation in Manufacturing 

Advances in manufacturing mean that RVP products look more real than ever. As manufacturers continue to innovate, we will see even more options. 

Wide Range 


When it comes to RVP vinyl, you have a large range of products to choose from. Sometimes, this can make the decision even harder. But it does mean that you can perfectly align your flooring to your taste. 

Natural-Looking Appearance 


Nowadays, vinyl flooring has a natural-looking appearance that mimics the look of wood or stone. It’s a great alternative to wood and laminate flooring without having to sacrifice style. 

4 Luxury Vinyl Flooring Products to Try 

There are a ton of luxury vinyl products on the market. To help you narrow down your choice, here are four luxury vinyl products to try. 

Arezzo Vinyl Flooring 


The Arezzo Vinyl Flooring is quick and easy to install. Think natural shades of oak with sandy and honey undertones. This is ideal for a timeless and charming look for both modern or traditional spaces. 

Cliffside SPC Flooring

Cliffside SPC Flooring is inspired by the natural colours of the beach. With stunning pigments of timber, you can imagine all the colours and tones you would see on a pebble beach. Pair with off-white walls for a contemporary, laid back look. 

Country RVP Flooring


If you want a natural oak colour but a sprinkling of mocha, then Country RVP Flooring is perfect for you. The sound-reducing flooring would suit a coastal or neutral setting for that beachy feel. 

Rock Luxury Vinyl Flooring 


For something a little different, Rock Luxury Vinyl Flooring can make a statement with dove grey tones and rich texture. This is ideal for creating an impact and adding some vibrancy to your environment. You can install Rock in various rooms like the entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. 

These days, people are spending more and more time at home. As homeowners look to create peaceful havens at home, investing in durable flooring is key. The last thing anyone wants is to invest in new flooring only for it to show signs of wear and tear early on in its life. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of durability and beauty, then luxury vinyl flooring is a great option. 

September 13, 2021 — Katie McKay
6 Environmentally Friendly Flooring Solutions

6 Environmentally Friendly Flooring Solutions

There was once a time where eco-friendly conjured the image of bland materials. Nowadays, that's far from the truth. As more and more designers and brands seek environmentally friendly flooring solutions, customers have a range of beautiful options to choose from. Materials, manufacturing, and brands are increasingly focusing on eco-friendly decisions. Fortunately, you can find a flooring solution that’s not only kinder to the planet but looks great too.  

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  • What is the Most Eco-Friendly Flooring?
  • 6 Environmentally Friendly Flooring Solutions 

What is the Most Eco-Friendly Flooring?


Several factors influence how eco-friendly flooring is, such as:

  • Distance travelled 
  • Ability to recycle and renew
  • Sustainable and responsible manufacturing 
  • Life cycle 
  • Maintenance

When shopping for eco-friendly products, the central theme you’re looking at is sustainability. So, do the materials come from a sustainable source? Can you recycle the flooring at the end of its life? Are chemical treatments involved in the manufacturing process? These are all essential questions when it comes to eco-friendly flooring. Various materials and manufacturers produce eco-friendly flooring. By understanding what you’re looking for, it can help to narrow down your choice.

6 Environmentally Friendly Flooring Solutions 

Another key factor in your purchase decision is durability. Short-life flooring may look great for a few years but could end up in the landfill sooner if it’s not durable. Luckily, several flooring materials offer excellent durability and sustainability. 

Engineered Hardwood 


Engineered wood is more sustainable than other wood flooring products. It has a long lifespan, incredible durability and looks practically the same as solid hardwood. With high market value and lower VOC levels, fewer chemicals go into the air. You can find beautiful and sustainable engineered hardwood flooring to suit a range of styles and decor. 



Cork is both biodegradable and recyclable, making it an ideal eco-friendly option. Although it may not be everyone’s aesthetic, it can look great as a flooring material. In general, cork is harvested from the bark of the trees, so you don’t have to cut down trees to produce cork flooring. Cork also features anti-microbial properties, meaning there will be fewer allergens.  

Reclaimed Hardwood 


Reclaimed hardwood is a good option if you love traditional hardwood flooring but want something more sustainable. Reclaimed hardwood is a more eco-friendly option than solid hardwood flooring as you’re reusing material for another purpose. Although it tends to be a more expensive flooring option, it can look great. 

Laminate Flooring 


Laminate flooring is another eco-friendly solution to consider. It’s free from solvents and chemicals that often cause allergies. Laminate flooring is surprisingly green because the base layer is primarily made from recycled materials. Our Egger laminate flooring is eco-friendly, durable, and high-quality. 

Vinyl Plank 


Technically, vinyl isn’t the most eco-friendly option because of the material used. But, because it’s super durable and resistant, it has a long lifespan. Because it’s so durable, you often don’t need to repair vinyl flooring or change it for a very long time. 

Rubber Flooring 


Rubber flooring is made from recycled materials, making it an excellent eco-friendly flooring option. Originally, you may have only seen rubber flooring in medical settings or gyms. But, it’s slowly creeping into the home and other locations as a versatile and beautiful flooring solution. 

As we look for brands, products, and manufacturing processes with sustainability in mind, more and more eco-friendly flooring solutions will come to the market. You can be kinder to the environment and invest in beautiful flooring for your home or commercial environment.

September 13, 2021 — Katie McKay
Autumn Home Improvement: Classic Herringbone and Parquet Flooring 

Autumn Home Improvement: Classic Herringbone and Parquet Flooring 

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want an upgrade, autumn is the perfect time for change and home improvements. Take inspiration from the changing seasonal colours and dropping leaves. Maybe it’s time to complete that project you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to. If you’re unsure where to start, try making a statement this autumn with classic herringbone and parquet flooring. 

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  • Autumn Home Improvement Project Ideas
  • Why Add Classic Herringbone and Parquet Flooring to Your Home 
  • 4 Classic Parquet Flooring Options to Enhance Your Decor 

Autumn Home Improvement Project Ideas


Autumn is the season where the temperature begins to drop, and we start to experience those chillier mornings. Take advantage of the crisp weather by completing some home projects and getting your house and garden ready for the winter. Here are some autumn home improvement ideas to get you ready for the cooler weather:

  • Pressure wash the exterior. 
  • Add a lick of paint to the front door or brighten up your living room. 
  • Prepare the decking for winter, wash it down, and treat it with a new layer of paint. 
  • Declutter the house and dust down the surfaces. 

Why Add Classic Herringbone and Parquet Flooring to Your Home 


Although trends come and go in interior design and decor, wood flooring remains timeless. What’s great about wood flooring is that it’s available in many forms, shades, and grains, to meet your taste. From engineered wood and laminate flooring to parquet, there’s an overwhelming amount of choice. 


Parquet flooring consists of individual wood blocks laid in a geometric pattern. Herringbone is one of the most popular styles of parquet flooring. The benefits of parquet flooring include: 

  • Sophisticated and beautiful appearance
  • Durable 
  • Easy to maintain and clean 
  • Wide variety 

Our parquet flooring comes in a range of wood finishes and uses an engineered composition for additional stability. The boards are pre-finished, meaning you don’t have to spend time treating the blocks after installation. 

4 Classic Parquet Flooring Options to Enhance Your Decor 


One of the biggest selling points of classic parquet flooring is its versatility. Your furniture, artwork, and colour palette affects the final look of the room. But, you can adopt parquet flooring to most styles. You can find something that works for your taste. 

1. Augustine


Parquet flooring can even work for high-traffic areas as it’s durable enough to cope with a busy home. Augustine Herringbone Parquet Flooring is an excellent choice for an entrance hall or open plan living room. The oak flooring features honey undertones for a natural-looking grain. 

2. Aesop


If you love a Scandi-inspired home, then Aesop Parquet is for you. The flooring is finished with a natural lacquer, so it’s easy to maintain and super durable. Aesop is a light and airy blend of golden and beige oak, but with raw and natural grain. It works exceptionally well with a minimalist look. It’s simple yet completely refined. 

3. Alopex

Alopex Parquet Flooring is slightly different because there are no markings, so it creates a very clean and uniform finish. It features soft honey tones and helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

4. Accentor


If grey is your colour, then Accentor is your perfect flooring choice. This flooring retains the unique style of parquet flooring but with a modern shade. What’s impressive about grey is that it can be both cool and warm, depending on your preference. While it creates a light and airy room, you can also style it in a way that’s entirely personal to you. 

Autumn is the ideal time to make some changes around the house. Whether you’re looking to add value to your home before a sale, or just fancy something new, it’s the season for home improvements. You can enjoy the beauty and benefits of classic parquet flooring and take your home decor to the next level this autumn.

September 06, 2021 — Katie McKay
Industrial Style Statement Flooring Ideas

Industrial Style Statement Flooring Ideas

An urban industrial style is on-trend and has the power to create a chic yet inviting atmosphere. If you have a living space that’s long-awaited a makeover, the industrial look can help you build a beautiful interior. The good thing about the industrial style is you can elevate it in different ways. You can pair it with vintage furniture or add metal textures and finishes for standout decor. 

In this article: 

  • How to Choose Industrial Style Flooring 
  • How to Style Industrial Decor 
  • Industrial Trend: 5 Statement Flooring Options 

How to Choose Industrial Style Flooring 


As more investors started to convert old offices, factories, and warehouses into chic homes, the industrial style began to catch the eye of many interior designers. Whether it’s reclaimed factory furniture or original industrial surfaces and lamps, the industrial look is a popular interior choice for commercial and residential properties alike. 

When it comes to the industrial look, statement flooring is a must. Your flooring choice has a significant impact on the overall look and finish of the room. Industrial style can create a cutting-edge and contemporary interior. There are a few different flooring materials you can choose with industrial style flooring:

  • Concrete - this type of material gives an authentic finish like a real factory or industrial setting. 
  • Metal or concrete-effect - this is a great option for those who want the look of metal or concrete, but with the durability and ease of vinyl. 
  • Wood - wood flooring is always a good choice as you can pair it with metal finishes and vintage furniture for the final look.  

How to Style Industrial Decor 


An industrial style decor is a no-frills approach to design. You take inspiration from lofts, factories, and industrial workshops. Think bare bricks, stripped back wood, recycled materials, and metal finishings. Although this type of decor is usually simple and minimal, it can make a bold statement in any home improvement project. A bonus is that because you typically recycle materials or upcycle them, it’s an environmentally friendly style. 

Here are some tips to help you style industrial decor: 

  • Opt for hardwearing materials and look for reclaimed furniture and finishings
  • Stick to a natural colour palette with greys, blacks, and white 
  • Add moody tones with hints of darker colours and tones
  • Hang up a statement piece of artwork for a bold contrast 
  • Keep surfaces clutter-free and accessories to a minimum 

Industrial Trend: 5 Statement Flooring Options 


You can create your industrial look in any room of the house, from the kitchen to the modern home office. A great place to start is by choosing the right type of flooring. Depending on your needs and budget, you have several options that vary in coat, look, durability, and construction. 

1. Rock SPC Vinyl


Rock SPC Rigid Core Vinyl features earthy and light dove grey tones. It adds buzz and energy to any space. The vibrant grey tones and natural look of the grain are a great foundation for creating an industrial style. This is ideal for those who love the look of wood but need something durable that isn’t going to scratch easily or show signs of wear and tear.  

2. Nora Rubber Flooring


Rubber flooring works for commercial settings and in industrial style homes. The benefit of rubber is that it’s shock absorbent, safe, and easy to maintain. Rubber is often the go-to choice for medical settings because of its natural qualities. Nora Rubber Flooring Tiles come in various tones and grey shades. They feature the natural look and variation of marble but with the resilience of rubber.  

3. Cairns Engineered Wood Flooring


If in doubt, wood flooring is always a good choice. The benefit of wood is that it comes in several different colours, tones, and shades. That means you can find something that works for your style. Cairns Engineered Wood Flooring consists of a warm golden oak tone. Pair the rich flooring with statement vintage furniture and metal furnishings. 

4. Novara Engineered Wood Flooring


The Novara Wood Flooring has a smokey, dark brown look. It sits perfectly with mid-century modern furniture and features a thick top layer of real wood that can be sanded down several times. The wood flooring uses European Oak because of its exceptional durability and beauty. The plywood core increases stability, making it ideal for busy households. 

5. Rainforest RVP Vinyl Flooring


The Rainforest RVP Vinyl is a wood-effect luxury vinyl tile. The dark and rich cocoa colour is bold and luxurious. It features subtle honey tones for added warmth. Suitable for a range of settings like home, hospitality, and commercial, this flooring is perfect for the industrial look. 

When you think of industrial decor, you probably think of concrete flooring. While it can look great, it’s not always the easiest or safest option, especially when you have young children to think about. You can pair wood flooring and stone-effect vinyl with reclaimed factory furniture and metal furnishing for a complete industrial look.

September 06, 2021 — Katie McKay
5 Benefits of Laminate Flooring

5 Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a cost-effective alternative to solid wood. When you’re searching for new flooring, you come across a range of materials like hardwood, carpet, rubber, tiles, and vinyl. Laminate flooring has come a long way with advances in technology and manufacturing, resulting in durable and high-quality products with many uses. Let’s take a look at the benefits of laminate flooring and how you can use it.

In this article: 

  • How is Laminate Flooring Made?
  • Where Can You Use Laminate Flooring?
  • 5 Benefits of Laminate Flooring 
  • 4 Top Laminate Flooring Options to Consider 


How is Laminate Flooring Made?

Laminate flooring is constructed by pushing together several layers into a wood-like floor. It uses a combination of heat and high pressure to fuse all the layers to create a solid looking floorboard. 

Laminate flooring has four layers of materials: a backing, an inner core, a wear layer, and a design layer. These layers combine using high pressure and heat. Laminate is designed to mimic the natural look of real wood with a printed textured top layer for a natural appearance. 


Where Can You Use Laminate Flooring?

You can use laminate flooring in practically any room. Most laminate flooring products are suitable for a range of environments. High-quality laminate is durable and highly resistant, making it a versatile flooring. You can install laminate in both commercial and residential settings.  

When installing laminate in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens, you need to be a bit more careful. Standard laminate isn’t usually suitable for these types of environments. But Egger laminate with Aqua+ is a unique technology that makes laminate water-resistant. This means you can use this type of laminate in moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 


5 Benefits of Laminate Flooring 

As innovations in laminate manufacturing continue to advance, laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular. The cost-effective alternative to solid wood flooring offers several benefits for both the home and commercial settings like offices and shops. 


Laminate flooring can withstand high traffic, pets, kids, and footfall. It’s durable against scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, and fading. This type of flooring is made to not only be cost-effective but to last for a long time. 



The different layers within laminate flooring combine to offer various benefits. The rigid top layer of laminate is scratch-resistant. You don’t have to worry about daily wear and tear, even in a busy household. The main thing that could damage the laminate is dragging heavy furniture across the floor. You can easily avoid this by carrying furniture across the laminate. 



Egger laminate flooring is moisture-resistant with Aqua+ technology. If you’re looking for laminate for kitchens or bathrooms with a natural risk of spillages and moisture, opt for Egger laminate with Aqua+. You can use a steam cleaner on this type of flooring, which is especially useful for cleaning in a commercial environment. 



All Egger laminate flooring uses timber only from sustainably managed forests. Nowadays, sustainability is essential in all the choices you make. Often, when it comes to wood flooring, you need to weigh up the differences between laminate flooring and engineered wood. Whatever you decide, look for sustainable materials and environmentally-friendly products. 


Large Choice of Designs 

You have a lot of choices when it comes to laminate flooring. Match your decor to your laminate flooring with an array of colours, grains, shades, and tones. You can choose something with more texture or opt for a smoother finish. 


4 Top Laminate Flooring Options to Consider 

Whether you’re installing a new home office flooring or want to upgrade your existing living room flooring, laminate is on the top flooring materials. It’s a budget-friendly option that looks fantastic and offers several benefits. Here are four laminate flooring options to consider for your home improvements. 



Ocampo Laminate Flooring is a medium grey oak colour. It works well with a modern rustic interior for a crisp and spacious impact. The flooring features a patented click system for easy DIY installation and a 25-year warranty. 



Another option is the Toledo Laminate, which is a much cooler light white oak colour. Think contemporary and coastal design with plenty of light-reflecting properties. The moisture-resistant flooring is suitable for home and commercial use and is made using sustainable materials. 



For those of you that love Scandi-inspired decor, Sarian Laminate is a must. This is our lightest creamy grey laminate and is perfect for a minimalist and light interior. The wood grain, light tones, and durable design make it ideal for busy homes. 



If you prefer a modern look with a neutral colour palette, the Velasco Laminate is the perfect addition. It has a natural light oak colour with honey undertones. The laminate features the natural details of real wood but is super low maintenance and easy to install. 

The flooring of any interior is a defining factor. It can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of a room in commercial and residential settings. Laminate flooring is a budget-friendly, durable, and natural-looking flooring choice to enhance your interior.

September 04, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
What is the Best Flooring for a Commercial Office?

What is the Best Flooring for a Commercial Office?

Despite some home workers being reluctant to return to the office, many businesses are encouraging more employees to come back. As a more flexible working atmosphere emerges with a mixture of home working and office work, employers are making sure that offices are ready for workers to return. If you’re thinking about upgrading your office, let’s look at the best flooring for commercial offices. 

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  • Key Considerations for Commercial Office Flooring 
  • 5 Different Types of Commercial Office Flooring


Key Considerations for Commercial Office Flooring 

According to the Office of National Statistics, 85% of workers want a hybrid approach to working with a combination of home working and office. That means that there’s still very much a need for the commercial office setting. When choosing your office flooring, it’s important to consider several critical factors so that you install the best flooring for your office space. 


Maintenance, Installation, and Repair  

The maintenance and installation of the flooring play an important role in deciding on the best material. As a commercial office will have heavy use with many people working daily, you want something easy to maintain and repair. Consider how you will repair your flooring if one part were to break. Would you have to reinstall the entire flooring, or can you fix a particular area? 


Traffic Levels and Noise 

Floors for high traffic areas need to be durable and highly resistant to daily wear and tear. Think about the noise levels and look for sound-reducing properties that keep the noise down. This is especially relevant for areas with a lot of footfall, like reception and communal areas. 



Safety is another important part of office flooring. Your ground surface should be non-slip with plenty of traction. Think about how the flooring will handle any spillages and moisture. Consider how you can create a seamless foundation with flooring to make sure there’s no risk of slips and falls. 


Naturally, the cost is a significant consideration of commercial office flooring. Some materials cost more while others are a more affordable option. It’s essential that you find the perfect combination of affordability and quality. A more durable option could be more expensive but may last much longer than a cheaper flooring. 


5 Different Types of Commercial Office Flooring

Depending on your budget, your brand, and style, there are several options available for commercial office flooring. Consider maintenance, material, and traffic levels to find the perfect flooring for your modern office space. 


RVP Vinyl Flooring 

You can still create a statement flooring in a commercial environment by choosing a suitable material and colour. RVP vinyl is the next generation of luxury vinyl and is suitable for practically any environment. The vinyl flooring is sound-reducing, water-resistant, and highly stain and scratch-resistant. 


If you want a quieter office that’s comfortable underfoot, carpet tiles are a good option. They can last a long time, but they can stain easily. Wall to wall carpet may need to be replaced if one part is ruined. However, you can replace one section when using carpet tiles. Carpet tiles have great sound-reducing qualities but do require a little more maintenance than other types of flooring. 


Rubber Flooring 

Rubber flooring is often the go-to choice in medical settings as it has good shock absorption, safety, and easy maintenance qualities. Nowadays, rubber flooring is a modern option for commercial environments to create a bright and industrial-looking decor. If you have high traffic areas, rubber flooring is the ideal choice. 



Laminate flooring is a good alternative to solid wood flooring. Modern printing technology and manufacturing makes laminate flooring look very natural and real. In terms of maintenance and installation, laminate flooring is much easier in comparison to hardwood flooring. 


Engineered Wood 

Hardwood adds a touch of elegance to any office space. Engineered wood has a top layer of real wood but with the advantage of a plywood core for increased stability. Our Engineered Wood flooring has a thick layer of real wood that you can sand down several times. So, in terms of life value, you can refinish engineered wood, again and again, to keep it looking good. 

The best commercial office flooring depends on your style and needs. From carpet and vinyl to engineered wood and laminate flooring, you have a range of materials to consider. By aligning your needs with your flooring material, you can install long-lasting and durable flooring to create a modern and attractive office environment.

September 03, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
Which Type of Wood Flooring is Best?

Which Type of Wood Flooring is Best?

When it comes to wood flooring, you have a surprising among options to choose from. Each type of wood flooring has its own pros and cons. Depending on your budget and needs, the best wood flooring often depends on a few different factors. Keep reading to find out what factors influence your decisions and six types of wood flooring to consider for your next project. 

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  • How to Choose the Right Type of Wood Flooring 
  • 6 Types of Wood Flooring 


How to Choose the Right Type of Wood Flooring 

In addition to different types of wood flooring, you also have various finishes, colours, grains, and plank width to consider. Several factors will influence your decision, such as:

  • Cost - naturally, some types of wood flooring are cheaper or more expensive than others. Determine your budget and needs before you start shopping around for flooring. 
  • Installation - if you need a DIY installation, then laminate flooring is a good option compared to solid wood flooring. 
  • Maintenance - think about how much time and effort you want to put into the upkeep of your wood flooring. 
  • Room suitability - think about rooms that are more prone to moisture and changes in temperature like kitchens and bathrooms. Some wood flooring isn’t suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, so this is something to consider. 
  • Underfloor heating - some wood flooring is compatible with underfloor heating. If this is essential for you, then opt for compatible wood flooring. 

6 Types of Wood Flooring 

Wooden floors can add warmth, texture, and beauty to a room. It’s important to think about the cost, maintenance, and installation when choosing wood flooring. Here are six types of wood flooring you can install. 


1. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a budget-friendly alternative to solid wood flooring. It has an easy click system for easy DIY installation. Modern laminate comes in a range of colours and designs with a natural-looking appearance that mimics real wood. The Egger laminate range uses eco-friendly materials and is moisture-resistant, making it suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. 


2.  Engineered Wood Flooring 

Engineered wood consists of a few layers of material glued together to create a single plank with a real top layer of wood. Benefits of oak flooring engineered wood include its hard-wearing top layer, beautiful grain and timeless design. Because of its construction, engineered wood is less prone to expansion and contraction in rooms with varying humidity and temperature. This type of wood flooring is more expensive than laminate but often cheaper than solid wood planks.  


3. Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is made from one single plank of wood. Naturally, it tends to have a higher starting price point. But it does have a very classic feel to it. If you’re looking to add value to a home, solid wood flooring is a great option. This type of flooring also requires professional installation and can be more prone to shrinkage and swelling in changing temperatures and humidity. 


4. Parquet Flooring 

If you’re looking to make a statement, parquet flooring is a fantastic option. Individual wooden blocks are laid out in a geometric pattern to create a pleasing shape. Herringbone is a popular pattern for parquet flooring and looks timeless yet modern.


5. Reclaimed Wood Flooring 

The popularity of reclaimed wood flooring has increased in recent times. Reclaimed wood flooring is a timber that has been used for something else and is now being salvaged as flooring. The benefit of this type of wood flooring is that it’s the most environmentally friendly option. You can paint the wood, and the vintage look is very much in style right now. The downside is that the cost is often quite a bit more than buying new floorboards. You also need to watch out for woodworms. 


6.  Wood Effect RVP Vinyl 

Although vinyl flooring isn’t technically wood flooring, it does have a wood effect. If you like the look of wood but need something that’s uber durable for practically any environment, RVP vinyl is a great choice. Rigid Vinyl Plank tile is a luxury tile that has noise-reducing, water-resistance, and scratch-resistance properties.

There’s pros and cons to each type of wood flooring. Finding the best wood flooring for you is about determining what the most important factors are. If you need absolute affordability and durability, then laminate flooring is the perfect solution. But, if you’re looking to make a statement, then parquet flooring could be just what you need to enhance your home.

September 01, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
The Latest Trends in Commercial Flooring

The Latest Trends in Commercial Flooring

As more businesses look to get their workforce into the office, the latest trends in commercial flooring continue to emerge. Creating a function, comfortable, and attractive workspace is a big task. Designing a COVID-secure work area and considering how the space can be pandemic-proof in the future are all factors that come into play. Keep reading to find out the latest trends in commercial flooring. 

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  • The Importance of Sustainability in Commercial Flooring 
  • 5 Top Commercial Flooring Trends 


The Importance of Sustainability in Commercial Flooring 

Going forward, many business and design decisions will likely be based with COVID-19 security in mind. Whether that’s intelligent furniture placement or easy to clean surfaces, the pandemic will shape a lot of future decisions about the way we work and how we interact with one another. But alongside this, the importance of sustainability has been continuing to grow over the last few years. 

Nowadays, you’re not only looking to create an exceptional workplace with high function and style, but the sustainability of materials is coming into the picture. While fads come and go, sustainability remains an umbrella theme when it comes to commercial flooring. The sustainability message is transcending through the industry from designers to manufacturers. 

We’re seeing more green options than ever. So, what is sustainable commercial flooring? The world’s leading flooring manufacturers are prioritising more planet-friendly materials and technology. These companies are thinking about their environmental impact and using recycled and environmentally-friendly materials. 


5 Top Commercial Flooring Trends 

You can still create statement flooring in a commercial environment while designing a functional and stylish setting. Depending on your business, there are several types of flooring with various materials that can support your needs. 

  1. Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

In the last few years, luxury vinyl flooring has been gaining pace in the non-residential world. With excellent performance, durability, ease of maintenance, and design innovation, more and more commercial settings are opting for luxury vinyl flooring. Interestingly, more healthcare settings choose luxury vinyl, except for hospitals where rubber remains the flooring of choice. 

Our RVP vinyl flooring is the next generation of vinyl tile. It’s water-resistant, sound-reducing, and features a thick scratch-resistant top layer. The long list of benefits means that you can install RVP vinyl in practically any environment, both residential and commercial. 


2. Sustainable Characteristics 

As we mentioned, sustainability continues to be a critical factor in decision-making. The spotlight will continue to be on choosing environmentally-friendly materials, manufacturing, and installation techniques. This includes floors that have a minimal impact on the environment, use recycled materials, and use natural materials. 


3. Statement Flooring 

Commercial flooring doesn’t need to be boring. You can find something that combines high function, style, beauty, and practicality. Although durability and resistance are key in non-residential flooring, statement flooring can look fantastic. 

Parquet flooring is a great option for the workplace and other commercial settings. Parquet uses wooden blocks laid out in a geometric pattern. It’s a timeless yet functional option. Our engineered oak parquet flooring features an engineered composition for additional stability. 


4. Bold and Contrasting Colours 

Colours play a big role in the final design. The colours in the workplace can impact your employees and the overall ambience of the interior. You can use bold and contrasting colours in your flooring to define work zones, create borders, and separate functional spaces. Like how a gym makes separate training areas, you can use flooring to designate areas within a commercial environment. 


5. Rubber Flooring 

While some flooring trends come and go, rubber flooring looks set to stay. This is especially true for medical settings and kitchen environments. Rubber flooring is also sneaking into the home, creating a modern contemporary interior with an industrial feel. Rubber flooring has great shock absorbency, safety profile, and ease of maintenance. 

Your business will play a big part in determining the right commercial flooring. Flooring should be easy to clean and provide plenty of traction to reduce any risk of slips and falls. Choosing the right material, style, and design of commercial flooring is important in creating the perfect balance of function and style.

August 26, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie
What is the Difference Between Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Traditional Vinyl?

What is the Difference Between Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Traditional Vinyl?

Vinyl has come a long way over the last few years. With advances in technology and innovation in manufacturing, you can now get your hands on natural-looking, luxury-feeling vinyl. So, what's the difference between luxury vinyl flooring and traditional vinyl? Let’s explore the key differentiating factors between the two. 

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  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring vs Traditional Vinyl 
  • 6 Key Differences Between Luxury and Traditional Vinyl 
  • 3 Luxury Vinyl Flooring Options to Enhance Your Decor 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring vs Traditional Vinyl 


As you might guess, both types of flooring contain vinyl and four layers. The difference is that the thickness of those layers in luxury vinyl flooring is higher. A vinyl floor has a PVC core, making it soft and flexible. In contrast, luxury vinyl features an SPC core which is much more stable and rigid. 

6 Key Differences Between Luxury and Traditional Vinyl 

The best way to understand the difference between luxury and traditional vinyl is by looking at these six key factors. While conventional vinyl flooring has been the go-to choice for many people over the past few years.

1. Comfort


Standard sheet vinyl is usually quite thin, so it can be cold and uncomfortable underfoot, depending on your underlay. If you install traditional vinyl over concrete, it may feel quite hard. Luxury vinyl is a thicker flooring, so feels more comfortable underfoot. 

2. Thickness


SPC luxury vinyl flooring is much thicker than traditional vinyl. Luxury vinyl flooring can range in thickness up to 8mm. Because the vinyl planks are much thicker, it gives a more rigid feeling. Luxury vinyl feels sturdy, strong, and durable. 

3. Sound

Because luxury vinyl is thicker, it has better sound-blocking abilities than traditional vinyl. If you’re looking for extra sound-reducing capabilities, opt for luxury vinyl with a built-in underlay. This saves time on installation and is ideal for keeping the noise down. 

4. Appearance

Traditional vinyl flooring aimed to resemble stone, wood, and other natural materials. Because the top layer is thinner, often traditional vinyl isn’t very convincing. Luxury vinyl has a thicker top layer and is designed to mimic the real look of wood or stone. The latest forms of luxury vinyl are more natural-looking and convincing.  

5. Lifespan


Traditional vinyl has a lifespan of up to 10 years, but it’s not unusual for it to last up to 15 years. Luxury vinyl is stronger and more durable, with a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. So, there’s quite a big difference between the two flooring types when it comes to lifespan. 

6. Cost


Luxury vinyl tends to cost more than traditional vinyl. Traditional vinyl is more affordable, but the quality and durability aren’t as good. 

3 Luxury Vinyl Flooring Options to Enhance Your Decor 

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your decor and incorporate luxury vinyl flooring into your home, here are three options to help you narrow down the search. 

1. Rustic Rock


Rustic Rock contains nutty brown and neutral grey tones with plenty of texture and rustic markings. This is an ideal choice for adding some energy to your home. RVP vinyl is the next generation of luxury vinyl. It’s super durable, resistant, and possesses great sound-reducing properties. 

2. Rainforest


This Rainforest vinyl flooring is velvety dark with deep cocoa tones. Intertwined with treacle tones and honey, the flooring is ideal for living rooms, dining areas, conservatories, and kitchens. It’s a statement flooring that will add plenty of warmth to your living space. 

3. Classical


For a traditional-looking option, the Classical SPC vinyl is simple and quick to install. With natural golden oak tones and hints of light ash, this flooring creates a timeless finish. For an effortless style, this floor is a must. 

When it comes to vinyl flooring, you have several options to consider. As technology and manufacturing techniques continue to innovate, luxury vinyl is becoming more and more popular. While traditional vinyl is an affordable option, luxury vinyl is ideal for the modern and stylish home.  

August 23, 2021 — Katie McKay